Patina & Crease is the work of just myself, Curtis Hinckley.  I have a great appreciation for craftsmanship of many forms and a special fondness for the beauty of leather.  I particularly admire the character of well-made shoes and truly enjoy the process of caring for them.  It's especially gratifying to bring well-worn leather back to life.


Several years ago, I bought my first pair of quality shoes and spent many hours researching the proper way to maintain them, including learning which products and tools were the absolute best to use.  Since then, I’ve spent countless hours polishing them and others that I’ve acquired, as well as the shoes of my wife.  I believe that I have as much knowledge and experience of shoe care as anyone that you’d find.


My approach to this work is simple: I will treat your shoes exactly as I treat my own.  I will consider the needs of each shoe individually, employing the products, tools, and techniques that are appropriate to achieve the best results.


Although Patina & Crease is essentially a one-person operation, I want to recognize the contribution of ideas, encouragement, and support from my wife, Robin.

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Our name reflects two desirable qualities in well-maintained shoes.  PATINA describes the character and luster that leather develops as it ages.  A number of environmental elements contribute to this, such as the sun, moisture, the oils from one’s skin, and typical wear.  It’s further enhanced by a proper shoe care routine, wherein the oils and waxes in conditioners and polishes help build up this attractive finish while nourishing and protecting the leather.


CREASE, as one would expect, refers to the attractive lines that form in the leather from normal use.  They reveal areas where a shoe flexes and, therefore, sustains extra wear.  These areas are especially vulnerable to deterioration and, if neglected, can crack.  Properly maintaining one’s shoes helps avoid this and imparts the graceful wrinkles of age.


We encourage embracing the evolution of one’s shoes.  It’s impossible to maintain their original, brand-new character.  The shape will conform to your feet.  The color will darken in some areas, maybe fade in others.  Even scuffs will add character once they’ve been polished over and incorporated into the patina.  We regard these things not as blemishes, but rather qualities that make the shoes uniquely yours.

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