While everyone is familiar with the concept of a shoe shine and the formerly ubiquitous shoe shine stand, the distinction between it and a shoe polishing may be unclear.  The differences are significant.


A typical shoe shine, which takes around ten minutes, is primarily a short-term cosmetic treatment.  In this brief time, about all that a shoe shiner can do is quickly apply one or two coats of polish.  It’s simply impossible to give a pair of shoes the attention and degree of care that they need to last their longest and look their best. 


Our full-service polishing takes about an hour of hands-on work, plus a couple hours to allow for sufficient absorption of the various leather care products.  Every exterior portion of a shoe’s upper, as well as the welt, heel, and sole edge, will get dedicated attention throughout each stage of the process, which includes a deep cleaning, an application of conditioner, a coat of cream polish, and another of wax polish.


A traditional shoe shine certainly has its role, and we even offer a comparable service, but it’s important to understand what it is and its place within the spectrum of shoe care.

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