We offer a range of service levels to accommodate the needs of each shoe and are happy to deliver whichever you require, be it basic or extensive.  For first-time customers who might establish a routine with us, or for those shoes that are especially worn, we recommend the restoration service, which will completely renew your shoes and provide a foundation for subsequent maintenance.

To book service online, follow the link at the bottom of the page.  Alternately, you may simply email or phone your requirements in advance of dropping off your shoes.

Drop-off and pick-up is by appointment at our home workshop.  The address will be provided when you book service.  Parking is available in the driveway.


Our turnaround is two to three business days.  If that changes, we’ll make clear note of it here.

We may post photos of your shoes - with no mention of your name - to our Instagram page.  If you'd rather we not, just let us know.


Your satisfaction is essential.  If you have any problems with our work, simply get in touch and we’ll make it right.


Shine   $15

One coat of cream polish, one coat of wax polish

Whether it's to spruce them up for an important occasion or for routine maintenance, our shine service will bring your shoes back to life.  It's comparable to a traditional shoe shine, though we give your shoes much greater attention.

Condition & Shine  $20

Conditioning, one coat of cream polish, one coat of wax polish

Although the polishes that we use in our shine service provides some leather nourishment, a deeper conditioning should be applied every so often.

Restoration   $25

Deep cleaning, conditioning, one coat of cream polish, one coat of wax polish

As previously stated, this is a full-service treatment that will restore your shoes to the best possible condition.  It adds a deep cleaning, which removes any old polish and returns the leather to its original state, renewing it and allowing it to better receive the high-quality products that we use.


If your shoes have never been polished, the deep cleaning should be unnecessary and you should choose one of the other base services.

Chromexcel  $10

Horween Chromexcel, and other oiled leathers, require a different type of polish in order to maintain their characteristic finish.  Only a single application is necessary.


High-Gloss Finish  $5

Our standard finish yields a beautiful soft glow, which is suitable for most people's taste.  For those that would like more pop, the extra wax of a high-gloss finish will give your shoes greater dimension and distinction.

Mirror Finish  $15

While not appropriate for every style of shoe or everyone’s taste, a mirror finish on the toe box is the pinnacle of shoe polishing and gives a remarkably distinguished look.

Tall Boots Surcharge  $5-10

Although we charge the same for shoes and ankle boots, the extra time and product involved in polishing tall boots requires an additional cost.

Horsehair Brush  $8

While the effects of our shoe polishing can last for weeks or more, the pristine finish that your shoes will have when you receive them from us can get smudged.  Fortunately, the shine is easily renewed by a simple buffing with a horsehair brush*.  Any will do, but for those who need one, we offer at cost, high-quality, German-made brushes by Solitaire.  Choose black for black shoes, neutral for all others.

These brushes are also useful for removing the light dirt that accumulates from a day's wear.  Ideally, one should do this each time that a shoe is worn.

* Alternately, you can use a cotton cloth and buff with a light touch.


Though shoes are our specialty, we have a great appreciation for leatherwork of all forms and are happy to consider caring for your other leather articles, be they a purse, wallet, belt, or something else.  As we have no standard prices for these services, please contact us to discuss your needs.


The process of maintaining suede shoes is completely different from what we do.  None of the products and tools that we employ for our regular services are appropriate for treating suede.  Essentially, suede needs to be wet cleaned with a special product designed for the job and this is a service that we’ve decided to not provide.


That being said, some shoes have areas of suede amongst regular leather and we’d be happy to polish the leather portion as we normally would.  For the suede portion, we do have a couple of tools that can touch it up with a dry cleaning action.


With rare exception, new shoes are not polished, leaving the leather completely bare and vulnerable.  It's important to polish them as soon as possible, ideally before ever wearing them.  We recommend our Condition & Shine service, which will protect them and even enhance their already pristine appearance.


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